Recent Business Updates Business ebooks, lectures, notes, documents, and other online resources.en-usBusinessLectures On Political Economy Volume 2: MoneyBusiness On Political Economy Volume 1: General TheoryBusiness of Macroeconomics Lecture Notes (MIT)BusinessThis course is designed to introduce classic macroeconomic issues such as growth, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, exchange rates, etc. Management Professional (PMP)® HandbookBusinessThis handbook contains information on how you can apply for the globally recognized, highly valued PMP credential. Management: Tools & Techniques: Lecture NotesBusiness Management Lecture Notes (MIT)BusinessProvides basic tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to successfully manage a project through its inception, design, planning, construction, and tran Women Need to Know About RetirementBusinessA book written to help women take control of their lives and to prepare for retirement. of AccountingBusinessA free comprehensive textbook and learning center. Both financial accounting and managerial accounting topics are covered. Accounting Cycle A Debit and Credit ApproachBusinessHelpful and concise notes, practice sets and short videos to introduce accounting principals. Management TutorialsBusinessA series of articles that introduce various management concepts and techniques of Marketing TutorialsBusinessTutorials that focus on the key concepts and functions that are common to most marketing situations. of Modern MarketingBusinessThis is an academic course that is intended for college-level business and management studies. Of MarketingBusinessA brief introduction to marketing, in a wiki format 101: The FundamentalsBusinessA slide narrated slide deck that gently introduces marketing concepts. series of lessons, quizzes and drills to introduce accounting 101 : The Fundamentals BusinessA slide narrated slide deck that gently introduces accounting concepts. BookkeepingBusinessThis free bookkeeping tutorial is geared to business owners, managers, and individuals who have not had any formal bookkeeping training or on the job experience and need or want to learn the basics of bookkeeping. Notes for Principles of Financial Accounting BusinessA concise set of notes for students using "Principles of Financial Accounting " as a textbook. These notes can be useful for students using another textbook as well. NotesBusinessNotes on the following: Bookkeeping, Financial accounting, Financial statements, Auditing, Managerial accounting and Accounting theory Management Lecture Notes (FSU)BusinessThis course covers the fundamental concepts of project management. It is built around the Project Management Institute's project management body of knowledge. Successful completion of this course prepares you to manage any type of project.