Dave Child

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In case you were wondering who the person behind the scenes is - I am Dave Child, a web developer from the south of the UK. I've been involved with web design since 1993 or so, when I set up my very first hobby site. I spent a few years working for myself before spending a year working for Fresh Egg in Worthing as a web developer, before moving to Juno Records in London, where I had the pleasure of redeveloping their very popular site.

In December 2004, I moved on to Propellernet, where I worked as the head of development and then an internet marketing consultant. In July of 2006, I moved to SNC Direct, a sports nutrition company, to manage and develop their stable of sites.

When I have a choice in the matter, I develop using PHP, but am quite happy with ASP and .NET, and have worked with most databases, including MySQL and SQL Server. I've been working with HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript since the early 1990s. I also like taking and editing photos, and I should think at some point I'll subject the WWW to a few of my attempts at graphic creation and editing.

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