James Foxall

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James Foxall is vice president of Tigerpaw Software, Inc. and is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider (MCSP) specializing in commercial database applications. James is responsible for management of all Windows application development at Tigerpaw, and he is an authority on application interface and behavior standards of applications for the Microsoft Windows and Office environments. James, a MCSD, has written more than 100,000 lines of commercial production Visual Basic code in both single-programmer and multiple-programmer environments.

James is the author of several books on Visual Basic, including the a definitive work on standards, entitled Practical Standards for Microsoft Visual Basic (Microsoft Press), MCSD in a Nutshell: The Visual Basic Exams (O'Reilly), Discover Visual Basic, Access 97 Secrets (Hungry Minds), Access for Windows 95 Secrets (Hungry Minds), and the Access 97 Bible Gold Edition (Hungry Minds). He also contributes to Visual Basic Programmer's Journal and Access/Office/VBA Advisor magazine, and he is an international speaker on Visual Basic and Access. In addition to speaking and writing, James has taught Visual Basic at the college level and has been featured on numerous television news shows, in trade publications, and in newspaper articles for his technology expertise.

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