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About the publisher Nearly a quarter century ago, Sun was founded with one driving vision: The Network is the Computer. A vision for connecting everyone, no matter where they are, with whatever technology works for people--not the other way around.
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An innovative industry leader in servers, storage, software, and services with a 100 percent focus on network computing.

Since our inception in 1982, the vision of "The Network is the Computer" has evolved into the Participation Age. We see everyone and everything participating on the network.

To create the technologies and fuel the communities that power the Participation Age.

We engineer solutions for our customers' biggest, most important problems. We share our solutions to grow communities, increase participation, and create world-changing new market opportunities. We will build and run the world's participation infrastructure to make sure the job is done right.

Whether it's servers or desktops, software or storage, Sun systems offer a consistent design that's based on over two decades of experience in network computing. We solve with technology what others solve with people.

From stateless desktop clients to high-performance servers to entire computing grids, we power the world's most demanding businesses.

Our software strategy is simple: we provide you with easy, no-cost access to the enterprise software you need. That's why we offer a proven portfolio of open, integrated, and interoperable software, available individually or as a complete system, that runs across multiple platforms and environments.

We are a storage market leader and we protect and manage more digital archived data around the world than anyone else. With a comprehensive portfolio of storage and data management products, coupled with world-class service, we provide integrated solutions that enable customers to simplify their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and manage data intelligently and securely from creation to deletion.

We believe our customers should be able to focus on business needs, rather than on running data centers because delivering customer satisfaction and shareholder value are far more important. When IT is delivered as a service, the services themselves can become transparent--simpler, automated, and user oriented.

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