Excerpts from book:

This is primarily a textbook on mathematical analysis for graduate students in economics. While there are a large number of excellent textbooks on this broad topic in the mathematics literature, most of these texts are overly advanced relative to the needs of a vast majority of economics students, and concentrate on various topics that are not readily helpful for studying economic theory. Moreover, it seems that most economics students lack the time and/or courage to enroll in a math course at the graduate level. Sometimes this is not even for bad reasons, for only few math departments offer classes that are designed for the particular needs of economists. Unfortunately, more often than not, the consequent lack of mathematical background creates problems for the students at a later stage of their education since an exceedingly large fraction of economic theory is impenetrable without some rigorous background in real analysis. The present text aims at providing a remedy for this inconvenient situation.

This book consists of four parts:
I. Set Theory (Chapters A-B)
II. Analysis on Metric Spaces (Chapters C-E)
III. Analysis on Linear Spaces (Chapters F-H)
IV. Analysis on Metric/Normed Linear Spaces (Chapters I-K)