There is great beauty, and great valor, in every woman’s struggle to leave her mark on this
world. We all know the women and the stories: The bravery of a single mother juggling two
jobs; the strength of a grandmother who still goes to work every day to help raise her
grandchildren and save enough to one day retire; the amazing grace of our aunts and sisters and
best friends fighting to overcome breast cancer or another illness. The poise of every young
woman who refuses to listen to the ads and institutions that tell her she is only valuable if she is
blonde, and thin, and perfect.

We must celebrate these women’s stories and what they tell us—that we are not alone, and that
we can change the way things are. Today, at the start of the 21st
century, when a woman decides
to take her finances into her own hands, and to provide for a secure and comfortable and
dignified retirement, she is confronted with having to make many complicated choices and many
difficult decisions. And it’s not surprising, then, for a woman to feel overwhelmed, alone and on
her own.

This book and its authors are here to tell all working women two important things. First: You
Can Do It. Second: You Are Not Alone. We are here to share the practical wisdom gained from
experiences like yours, to help you take control of your life and prepare for your retirement.