Bernhard Spuida

About the author Bernhard Spuida works for AGS – Applied Geo-systems technology – as developer and
researcher in geophysical data acquisition, processing, and visualization. He has been
programming for 20 years, having worked in fields ranging from 3D graphics to databases and
real-time data acquisition on platforms ranging from VAX to PCs and SUNs.

Currently, he works on remote operation of geophysical equipment, in situ pre-processing of
data, and processing workflow management. He sees .NET as a technology holding great
potential in his current fields of work. He writes and translates articles for the German-language
ASPHeute programmer’s forum and its English language section.

He also is member of the SharpDevelop core team, where he mostly manages documentation and –
due to his extensive knowledge of human languages – is deeply involved in the localization effort.

Bernhard shares his time between Leoben, Austria where works, Pfronten, Germany where his
family lives, and field work in places too numerous to mention. When not working, you will
quite probably catch him reading a book on some strange topic, golfing or refereeing an ASP golf tournament. You can contact him either at [email protected] or at [email protected]

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