Jason McDonald

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My name is Jason McDonald and I currently live with my beautiful wife and adorable daughter in Charleston, SC. I love to do wood turning in the rare event that I find myself with some spare time. I work full time as a software engineer/team lead/manager for Benefitfocus, a health care based software company. I have been coding professionally since 1997, with a few small gaps early in my career, and have multiple years of personal coding experience prior to embarking upon my professional journey. I have a problem with keeping my schedule full - if its not then I for some reason feel unproductive - so at any given time I may be reading 3-6 books, at least half of them typically software industry related, trying to maintain multiple charity projects, spending time with my family, working, going to school (getting a business degree), and trying to shove the odd wood turning project in. I am a software engineer by trade and passion but am quickly developing a love for economics as well.

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