The Weizmann Institute of Science

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The Weizmann Institute of Science, located in Rehovot, Israel, is one of the top-ranking multidisciplinary research institutions in the world. Noted for its wide-ranging exploration of the sciences and technology, the Institute gathers together 2,500 scientists, technicians and research students devoted to adventuring into the unknown. In their labs, located in a landscaped campus environment, they share a vision: To better understand nature and our place within it. Inquisitiveness is their predominant trait. It is this curiosity that propelled Homo sapiens up the slope of evolution. It is this driving curiosity that sees man -- and woman -- through their greatest discoveries. It is the force which pushed earliest civilization to develop agriculture, to learn the hows of constructing shelter, to create the written word, to harness electricity to the wagon of industry and commerce, to contemplate far-off galaxies, to find the cure for disease, to form new materials, and to decipher the genetic code stamped on all living things, be they plant or animal. The desire to continue in this forward stride is the force behind every Institute scientist's efforts to penetrate realms formerly incomprehensible to humankind. And what dwells in these domains? The unknown. The only certainty: revelation encountered along their path. We invite you along to view a selection of landmark discoveries established by Weizmann scientists on a number of their scientific excursions. To look over the shoulder of these scientific trailblazers who go that one step more in furthering this, our civilization. The Weizmann Institute of Science: Shaping the future.

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