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About the publisher Since 1997, AuthorHouse, the leading self-publishing company in the world, has helped authors achieve their book publishing goals with over 27,000 books in print. Choosing a reputable book publisher, among the many book publishing companies and book publishers available, is a very critical step towards the publishing process. Publishing a book with AuthorHouse means you'll be guided by author advocates who are serious about writing and publishing. They will help you choose the best book publishing options and the most effective marketing tools.

Unlike some book publishers, AuthorHouse authors retain all rights and control decisions around the publishing and marketing of their book. You determine how many and when copies of your published book are printed and you select your own royalty schedule. When your book is finished, it's available for order at more than 25,000 retail outlets worldwide, on the Internet at,, and through the AuthorHouse online publishing company book store.

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