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About the publisher Wiley is a leading publisher for the scientific, technical, and medical (STM) communities worldwide. Our STM programs encompass journals, encyclopedias, and electronic products in subjects such as the life and medical sciences, chemistry, statistics and mathematics, electrical and electronics engineering, and select medical areas with an emphasis on cancer medicine. Through Wiley InterScience, we provide academic and corporate customers with online access to a broad range of STM content through licensing agreements.

Our professional/trade offerings include books and subscription products, both print and electronic. We serve professionals and business people in specialized markets, a strategy that permits greater product franchising and market penetration. Subject areas include business, accounting, nonprofit institution management, computers, psychology, architecture, engineering, hospitality and culinary arts, and general interest.

We publish textbooks and other educational materials in print and online for undergraduate and graduate students and lifelong learners. Our programs are targeted to the sciences, engineering, mathematics, and accounting, with growing positions in business, education, and modern languages. In Australia, we are a leading publisher for the secondary school market.

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