Excerpts from book:

Table of Contents

1. Principles of Measurement

2. Distributions

3. Introduction to Correlation & Regression

3a. Partial Correlation

3b. Rank-Order Correlation

4. A First Glance at the Question of Statistical Significance

Appendix: Sampling Distributions of r

Appendix: Test for the Significance of r

5. Basic Concepts of Probability

Appendix: Exact Binomial Probability Calculator

6. Introduction to Probability Sampling Distributions

Appendix: Binomial Sampling Distribution Generator

Appendix: z to P Calculator

7. Tests of Statistical Significance: Three Overarching Concepts

8. Chi-Square Procedures for the Analysis of Categorical Frequency Data

Appendix: Chi-Square Sampling Distribution Generator

8a. The Fisher Exact Probability Test

9. Introduction to Procedures Involving Sample Means

Appendix: Sampling Distributions of t

10. t-Procedures for Estimating the Mean of a Population

11. t-Test for Two Independent Samples

11a. Non-Parametric Alternative:
11a. The Mann-Whitney Test

12. t-Test for Two Correlated Samples

12a. Non-Parametric Alternative:
11a. The Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test

13. Conceptual Introduction to the Analysis of Variance

Appendix: Sampling Distributions of F

14. One-Way Analysis of Variance for Independent Samples

14a. Non-Parametric Alternative:
14a. The Kruskal-Wallis Test

15. One-Way Analysis of Variance for Correlated Samples

15a. Non-Parametric Alternative:
15a. The Friedman Test

16. Two-Way Analysis of Variance for Independent Samples

17. One-Way Analysis of Covariance for Independent Samples

A. Table of the Unit Normal Distribution

B. Critical Values of Chi-Square

C. Critical Values of t

D. Critical Values of F