Trigonometry Books, Documents, and Lectures

Title Year Description
 An introduction to Trigonometry An introduction to Trigonometry Description These pages are a fairly brief introduction to Trigonometry and make for a good study guide or refresher on the topic.
Dave's Short Trig Course Dave's Short Trig Course 2002 Description This website is a short introduction to Trigonometry by a professor at Clark University. It is very easy to follow, is full of animations and study problems for the reader to work through.
Short Trigonometry Videos Short Trigonometry Videos 2010 Description A series of very short videos (2 - 10 minutes each) on topics in Trigonometry
Trigonometric Delights Trigonometric Delights 1998 Description This book brings the subject of Trigonometry to life in a blend of history, biography, and mathematics. Presented are both a survey of the main elements of trigonometry and an account of its vital contribution to science and social development.