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Physics PH866 ( as studied in Tasmania, Australia )

A year 12 subject of physics topics designed for entry to tertiary sciences, engineering and aviation.
It is normal to have been successful in year 11 Physical Sciences SC786 before attempting this course.
Students will need to be confident in mathematics at reasonably advanced levels.
Students find the subject deeply interesting as it provides insight into many natural phenomena.

Topics include

Newtonian physics - we work up to looking at satellites and gravity near massive stars.
Static electricity - which eventually gets linked to atom models.
Magnetism as linked to moving charges - we look at both motors and generation of AC current and charges moving in the Earth's magnetosphere causing aurorae.
Waves in their diversity, sound light - transverse and longitudinal waves - to the point of diffraction, refraction and polarization.
Early 20th century physics including Xrays, wave-particle duality and nuclear mass-energy transfer.

Practical work, open ended experimentation, library research and demonstrations are a normal part of the course.