University of Maryland

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At the University of Maryland not even the sky is the limit. With the Deep Impact project created at the University in conjunction with NASA, students and faculty are able to see inside a comet in outer space, 80 million miles from earth. But if you want to look a little closer to home, view the inside of our campus here with the images of UM and virtual tour. Don't stop there. Learn about our top ranked academic programs: we have 29 in the top 10 and 78 in the top 25 according to US News and World Report. Don't miss the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Campus Recreation Center and the Riggs Alumni center, right by Byrd football stadium where we cheer on the Terps. The Terps are a force to reckon with on the field and court. We have won many recent NCAA national championships, and we are consistently ranked near the top in the category "Students that Pack the Stadiums." Go Terps! And you're just getting started - there is an endless amount to learn about the University of Maryland.

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