Marketing Books, Documents, and Lectures

Title Year Description
Entrepreneurial Marketing Entrepreneurial Marketing 2002 Description This course clarifies key marketing concepts, methods, and strategic issues relevant for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs.
Introduction to Marketing Introduction to Marketing 2005 Description This course is an introduction to the theory and application of marketing. Marketing topics covered include Customer needs, Company skills, Competition, Collaborators, and Context in marketing and product development (5C's).
Marketing Marketing 1999 Description A concise and well put together introduction to marketing.
Marketing 101: The Fundamentals Marketing 101: The Fundamentals Description A slide narrated slide deck that gently introduces marketing concepts.
Marketing information & communications technology (ICT) Marketing information & communications technology (ICT) 2006 Description This article is about marketing information and communication technology products and services.
Principles Of Marketing Principles Of Marketing Description A brief introduction to marketing, in a wiki format
Principles of  Modern Marketing Principles of Modern Marketing 2010 Description This is an academic course that is intended for college-level business and management studies.
Principles of Marketing Tutorials Principles of Marketing Tutorials Description Tutorials that focus on the key concepts and functions that are common to most marketing situations.
QuickMBA Marketing QuickMBA Marketing Description A concise set of notes, pointers, tutorials, etc. revolved around marketing topics.